Tools to grow your freelance skills

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    3 lessons of 60 minutes each
  • Date
    September 03rd, 2019

The gig economy attracts more and more people. An Upwork report shows that in 2018 Americans spent in freelancing activities more than 1 billion hours per week. But, with the growing number of freelancers, competition also grows.

The gig labor market evolves very quickly and you need to stay up to date with the latest trends to have a good work done. There are tools to grow your freelance skills that you have to use. Skills-related education is gaining popularity. In fact, this is a never-ending process. Constantly expanding and upgrading skills is the very basic requirement for all freelancers. You will find a variety of tools to use for your brilliant work. Among them there are cloud storage tools, finance tools, design tools, project management and productivity tools, writing and video-chat tools, social media management tools, contracting and legal paperwork tools…

Now that you became your own boss, you have to take into consideration all opportunities that help you to offer high-level services to your clients. When you start with the right tools you will progress fast and you will make the difference among all those freelancers that are not well prepared, as you will be, after you have seen our FREE webinar “Tools to grow your freelance skills”. Upgrade your knowledge with the latest productivity hacks that will lead you to a brilliant freelance career! Don’t miss the opportunity to show your capabilities in the best way! In our FREE webinar you will find out how to take advantages of all online available tools.

The lecturer will explain how to make your work easier and more efficient. You’ll discover the big secret of talented freelancers. Stop asking yourself how they achieve a very high level of productivity. Now you will see how they are managing the working process in a smart way.

There are the main points, on which the lecturer will focus:

Contracting and legal paperwork tools:

There are big probabilities that when you start freelance clients don’t pay you for your work, or annoy you with constant requests and conditions before they pay. To avoid such critical situations, the freelancer must prepare a contract and only after that start working on the project.

Project management and productivity tools: 

Maintaining a project is a matter of (good) organization. And this element is of crucial importance for best results. With such tools you will avoid stressful situations and nights without sleep, that will affect your productivity in negative way.

Writing and video chat tools:

Nowadays, communication between people is facilitated by the mean of various applications. They could help you a lot with your interactions with clients, but also with other freelancers and small businesses. Learn how.

Social media management tools:

What are the best to use in 2019? Boost your activity with them and promote your work through all channels. Which benefits they bring to you? How to manage your social media presence in the most effective way?

Cloud storage tools

You must use them to keep your files safe. Monitor and keep track of all your files. IDrive, OneDrive, iCloud, SpiderOak are only a few examples of cloud storage tools. They offer the precious backup of your files.

Design tools: 

To make a killer visual content you need to use them. Ok, you are not designer, but those tools will make the difference for you and will help you to stay bold on the gig market.


(1) Contracting and legal paperwork tools
Working without a contract is a huge mistake, but there are so many freelancers that don't take care of the legal part of their work. Remember: your time and your services are precious! There are difficult clients, that can create a big mess for you, so, be well prepared to deal with them, by an accurate legal paperwork. The lecturer will talk also about the project management and productivity tools that can facilitate your activity.
Available on 03.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST
(2) Cloud storage tools
How to keep your files safe and how to save time while organizing your work? Have a look at IDrive, OneDrive, iCloud, SpiderOak and their features and security. Free, paid and business options. What are the best choices for bloggers, freelancers and small businesses? Get an easy access to all of your data, with a minimum of clicks. Be more organized for better results and efficiency!
Available on 06.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST
(3) Social media management tools
What are the best channels to promote your services in 2019? What are the tools that will help you to manage those channels? The communication through social media is of crucial importance for your professional growth as a freelancer. The lecturer will do an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the available social media and will talk about the different ways to use the social media management tools for your best image. Are you ready to quickly become a popular freelancer?
Available on 10.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST