Home-based jobs

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    September 09th, 2019

Working at home with flexible schedule is the daydream of a lot of people. Home-based jobs are also the only solution for mothers with little children and for persons with disabilities, who have problems with their mobility. You will find home based jobs under various denominations: remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, freelance work, virtual jobs, work from home jobs, work at home jobs… And there are three types of possible working schedules: part-time, full-time and flexible. Now, it is up to you to find your best fit.

You can find home-based jobs at all career levels – from beginner, to executive. Income levels vary depending also on your working schedule and the company or the client that hires you. There are no rules. Often you are an employee, rather than a freelancer. There is a basic principle: if you work for a client more than 40 hours per week, you are in fact an employee, because you are working only for one client. An independent contractor has the possibility to work for many different clients simultaneously.

Home-based jobs are available in almost all industries, but there are big chances that your remote work consists of writing for blogs or online shops, data entry, programming and web development, social media marketing and digital marketing as a whole, online courses and webinars... In fact, nowadays, working from home is not a difficult enterprise, thanks to the constant digitalization of working processes. Stay-at-home-moms have today a lot of working opportunities with more and more offers for home-based jobs.

Here are the main topics of our FREE webinar:

Well-paid remote jobs

Steps to get a work at home job

How to craft your perfect resume for telecommuting jobs?

Risks, costs and savings for down times

The best and the worst websites to find remote jobs 

Are you really motivated for a home-based job, which is really different from an office-based job? The pros and the cons of the two types of commitment.

How a home-based job affects your lifestyle?

Bad and good habits when working at home

Skills to create and to develop for a successful home-based job

The key companies that hire for remote jobs


(1) Your perfect resume for work at home job
The market of home-based jobs is very competitive. It is not an easy thing to get noticed. Many peoples are struggling with the search and get finally frustrated, as the time passes by and they don't get hired, despite multiple job applications. The best advice to give to all freelancers is to tailor their CV to each individual job that they are targeting. How to write properly a resume that will help you to stand out from the crowd?
Available on 09.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST
(2) Risks, costs and savings for down times
When you start a home-based job, it will require significant changes in the manner that you organize your life. The keyword for your success as a homeworker is discipline. Think, for example, that you should manage higher electricity and heating costs, as all day long you will be at your home. And think about your ability to self-motivation. There are some people that find it hard to work alone and to have a good concentration on their work. In this lesson you will discover the secrets of good and bad habits when working at home.
Available on 11.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST