How to freelance in digital marketing?

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    2 lessons of 60 minutes each
  • Date
    September 05th, 2019

Currently there is a big demand for skilled digital marketers. Brands and small businesses are in search of specialists in the digital field. The digital landscape is highly dynamic and constantly evolving. More and more company leaders are realizing that the profits of their organizations depend on efficient digital marketing strategies. So, you have decided to start to freelance in digital marketing. What are the traits of a successful digital specialist? How to choose an area and to develop an entrepreneurial spirit (mandatory for this industry)? Find out the most in-demand skills.

This FREE webinar aims to provide you with the winning tactics and to help you to develop the right mindset for your professional start and evolution as a freelancer. In our FREE webinar you will discover how to invest in your skillset to reach a successful freelance career. Our lecturer will explain you how to build a step-by-step strategy. How to find your niche and how to show measurable results to your clients? You should also focus on the refining of your communication skillset. Build your own marketing strategy, that will present your services in an attractive manner.

A good digital marketer should analyze properly customer behavior. Our lecturer will explain how to build your good freelance reputation in the digital world, which requires a specific mindset. What are the benefits of specialization in the digital industry? What are the opportunities for growth as a freelancer in the digital marketing industry? How to price your services at the beginning of your career on the gig market? Address wisely your offers to the right people. How to identify them? Analyze your competitors work. Search for a mentor, it is a good idea for your brilliant freelance career path. You will avoid a lot of mistakes and embarrassing situations. Where and how to search?


(1) What are the traits and the skills of a digital specialist who can attract clients?
The digital industry is a dynamic one and it requires a mix of analytical abilities and creativity. It is a specific field where performance is measurable through various technical tools, Google Analytics, for example. What are the tools that you need to add to your toolbox?
Available on 05.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST
(2) Find your niche in the marketing industry
Digital marketing is a very vast area. And it is hard for the beginner in freelance to find its niche. How a freelancer in digital marketing can identify its strengths and focus accordingly on the right services to offer to its clients? And how to present to people their value, in order to sell them?
Available on 06.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST