Creative Writing for Freelancers

  • Lecturer
    Roy Shapira
  • Course Price
  • Course Duration
    60 min.
  • Date
    July 31st, 2019

In today's culture stories are king; everything we are and everything we do is based on stories. Our core beliefs are usually based on stories from our religious scripts such as the bible, or on our nation’s story, making us patriots who love their country. It’s a well known fact that the pen is mightier than the sword, as stories can bring peace between nations, or wreak havoc in war. A creative writer needs to make everything exciting, from articles, blog posts, and item descriptions in stores, to books, screenplays and anything else that has words. Think of it as wordsmithing, and like any other profession, practice makes perfect.

What is Creative Writing:
The ability to create a compelling piece of writing that the reader just can’t put down until the very end. The ability to use all the writing techniques that have been around since the dawn of mankind, and yes, it goes back to the storytellers around the campfire in caves. Throughout history, giants such as Socrates, Homer, and Shakespeare have created countless writing techniques; and we, as creative writers, need to know and implement as many of them as possible, in order to not only write well, but also not to mix genres and story types. Imagine having a mishmash of fantasy and sci-fi mixed with horror; the number of people who would actually enjoy it will dwindle down with every added style.

Creative Writing and Freelancing:
Every freelancer can benefit from a little creative writing, and learn from the experience of a veteran freelancer:

1. Know the basic rules of writing and the different styles.
2. Understand how to make your message heard and remembered.
3. Be able to attract more clients with a sharper message.
4. Understand the different goals of different clients and how to reach these goals.
5. Learn a few tips and tricks on how to become more efficient and productive.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to look at the written word from a new perspective, and how to sharpen your skills just enough to start your journey of becoming someone who can truly make the pen stronger than the sword.


(1) Webinar 1
The first webinar will cover the basics of creative writing; what it is, how a story is built, and how to make it interesting. Then we’ll go into what it means to be a freelance creative writer, and look into how to create a portfolio, how to get your first client, and how to manage clients. We’ll go over some theory, and then some practical tools and platforms to get a full picture of the profession.
Available on 31.07.2019 @ 02:00 PM EST