Client base and how to search for clients

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    2 lessons of 60 minutes each
  • Date
    September 15th, 2019

The main question that all freelancers struggle with, is the creation of the client base. How to attract potential clients and where to search for them, that is The question! One needs various clients, in order to start his own freelance activity. Without clients, you are dead! Clients pay your salary. More clients – bigger your income. That is why the client base lies on the basis of your successful career as a freelancer.

There is one essential skill for all freelancers – to learn how to stand out! You should develop yourself a good marketing activity that will help you to attain your main goal: to be spotted among the many other professionals in your field on the gig market. Earn credibility is another big goal for freelancer that just starts. In our FREE webinar you will see how to search for your first clients and how to develop your contacts. To begin, try to focus on a specific audience! Then make yourself a LinkedIn profile, if you don’t have yet. Start to develop your own network on Facebook, with people that could potentially become your clients. Here, you must target well.

Among the topics discussed you will find:

How to land your first client?

How to document your skills online?

Is it a good idea to do a free work in order to build your initial client base?

How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile? There are must-haves, that will help you to stand out. What you can do to be found by potential clients?

Tips for social media – how to create a client base through them?

How to search for clients making good use of your existing contacts with other freelancers, fellow classmates, past coworkers or friends?

How to take advantage of networking events in your industry for your client base?

How to find your niche and brand yourself accordingly?

Blogging as a marketing tool for the creation and the development of your client base. How to build a professional blog?

Find new clients without cold calling or Upwork – is this possible?

Newsletters and mailing list – do it properly!


(1) How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile for freelance?
The lecturer will talk about the must-haves in your LinkedIn profile, in order to attract clients through it. You can find quality clients, by standing out by your headline, summary and an appropriate photo. How to do it? In our webinar you will find the secrets of a perfect freelancer profile not only in LinkedIn, but also in other social media.
Available on 16.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST
(2) Blogging as a marketing tool
Blogging can help you to create and to develop your client base. How to build a professional blog? Show your expertise, attract followers that will convert in customers. The lecturer will talk about the rules that determine a blog meant to serve you as a marketing tool.
Available on 19.09.2019 @ 07:00 PM EST